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Finch Platte
02-28-2004, 06:23 PM
From the latest Rolling Stone.

You just have to laugh. Right? :confused:


02-29-2004, 03:30 AM
I heard that Kilgore (who apparently wrote the song?) used to make similar jokes in this vein when he played live with his own band. He'd introduce the song as one Prep-H should buy for their product, etc. I think, after many years of playing small clubs, they finally heard about it, and took him up on it. I think I even remember seeing the TV ad, (but I can't swear to that, as my memory's not that great anymore).

There was another story about J Cash just yesterday on NPR that brought up the topic of an early song(s) of both Cash and Bob Dylan -- about who'd actually written them (who stole the melody from who). There was some dispute as both songs sounded very similar. I guess this was when they were both pretty young and worked together (around '60?), at least played/knew each other a bit. I forget the song(s) they were talking about, but I'm sure the story is available on NPR (archived via streaming.). Kris Kristofferson was quoted as saying Johnny had stolen it from Dylan, but apparently all of em were a little unsure because of their questionable physical/mental state at the time. I know Kristofferson certainly had a reputation for bending the elbow a bit... but I'm not so up on Cash or Dylan's history.