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11-05-2007, 08:58 AM
Hello. I am interested in purchasing an appropriate IR distribution system. This is new ground for me, so I have some questions relating to required hardware.

I have the following components:
Harman Kardon AVR335 AV receiver
Harman Kardon DVD31 DVD player
Phillips HR20-250 DirecTV HD TiVo receiver
Logitech Harmony 676 remote

Currently, all components are centrally located under the TV, all in plain view. I will be moving 3 components: receiver, DVD player, and DirecTV TiVo receiver into an enclosed closet. The closet is 5-10 feet from my normal seating locations. However, the wiring will extend through a wall, into my basement, under my seating area, and back up a wall, and finally into the enclosed closet. The cable run is 35 feet.

My questions:
1) The 3 components all have "remote" plugs. Does this allow me to "hardwire" them together?

2) I have seen packages that seem to include all necessary wiring that would allow me to have a small inconspicuous sensor near my TV, and wiring with emitters that are secured near the IR ports of my components. Is this the best/most accurate method?

Thank you, John