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02-27-2004, 05:45 PM
I saw your pictures of your home theater and I noticed a similarity with your system and mine, we both have our audio up to date but not our video. Your tv might be newer then mine but it is still the 4:3 aspect ratio. I am still using my 27 inch panasonic GAOO wich I bought in 1995. I know you are now saving up for a tv and I was wondering if you were going to take a chance on some of the newer, yet unproven technology such as DLP or PROJECTION LCD. I noticed your room is not overly huge, would you maybe be considering a tried and true technology and be looking at maybe a 34 inch direct view tv such as ones from panny, sony, toshiba, or philips. Those are studio 40's aren't they.

02-27-2004, 06:10 PM
The thing that's actually driving the whole ball of wax is our satellite box, believe it or not. It's started locking up pretty frequently, so I kinda figured that if we need to swap out the satellite box, why not make the switch over to HD? Directv was having that $400 HD upgrade offer that includes a new box, new dish, and installation, and it looked intriguing. AND while we're at it, why not swap out the TV at the same time? Our TV's 36" direct view and it's fine, just not HD.

As you read in my home theater update, I was looking at TVs and found a good 42" RPTV on closeout that was affordable, but my wife told me not so fast, see all those wires in the back? So, the budget got diverted to the audio rack, and my better half put the kibbosh on the RPTV idea as well when she swooned over the flat panels. So, DLP RPTV's also out. Thought about direct view, but the HD direct views are noticeably deeper than the non-HD model that we currently use, so space is a concern with those (plus, I'm not too keen on the idea of seeing 4:3 programming that much smaller than what our current viewing. Our room's also bit too tight for a front projector, so our best option right now is probably plasma. Not quite as urgent to upgrade the TV right now because of funds and I just added a wireless remote outlet for the satellite box. Whenever it freezes, just turn off the outlet and reset it.

Yup, those are Studio 40s up front.

02-27-2004, 06:18 PM
She put the kibbosh on the RPTV. Was that the CRT RPTV or the LCD RPTV.