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11-02-2007, 01:19 PM
hi all,

i am considering upgrading from my pro- ject debut. i am really tempted with the pro ject 2 Experience X Pack. a few mates have suggested the technics SL mk2.

i currently use a cambridge azur 540a amp, but am considering moving to tube amplification. my local dealer suggested a Dared amp.

i have Monitor Audio Bronze B2 speakers.

does anybody see major problems with this proposed set up.
any thoughts?

Corto Maltese
11-02-2007, 09:36 PM
This amp should drive your speakers without any problems. But:
I heard mp-5 (see http://www.enjoythemusic.com/Magazine/equipment/0306/dared_mp5.htm - this is very enthusiastic review) and Duntonic 2U.i.. I chose lil’ Synthesis Nimis over it. Call me old fashion, but... I don't need magic eye nor USB. I like simple tube amps which deliver.
Shanling started all. Few guys left from Shanling and made Dared. That is nice start, but anyone who has experience with these will tell you that (despite all odes and very enthusiastic reviews) all Shanling high end (and price) gear uses some high end parts, but as well some key mediocre parts… One needs good tech to “hot-rod” it to make them true high end. Same (or almost same) goes for Dared. Nice, but…
Why Synthesis? I.E: Italian made, these transformers are not made from recycled Fe materials. As a matter of fact, VOX amplifiers are (still) using Synthesis sister company as their supplier for the transformers, as well as Soldano, etc. They are using same materials to make all Synthesis transformers. That should say a volume by itself.
If you really want tube, go simple, and not recycled, nor clone path. If you want to go green, buy economic car, save on electricity, lower your heating on 21 degrees C, etc. – some things in your house should not be clones, nor recycled. Price goes with it, but you will not be sorry with the end result.
That is, of course, only my opinion. Cheap is fine, as long as you are happy.