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11-01-2007, 11:53 PM
So long story short, have to move into an apartment after I got evicted from my townhouse 'cause my music was too loud. I'm not a crazy audiophile but I enjoy my tunes. Got rid of my 3 subs and tower speakers (Klipsch RF-7s & Infinity Delta 60s) and now am in search of some smaller speakers.

I am now using Athena AS-B2 bookshelf speakers (my old surrounds) and they sound like ass. So, again, I'm no audiophile, I'm just a guy who really enjoys his music. I listen to Rock, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Techno/Electronic... pretty much everything but modern country/western.

Can you folks recommend a decent (not mega expensive) pair of bookshelf speakers that will sound good but will not blow away the neighbors? I need two sets 'cause I have two amps. I'm really into HK stuff, have an AVR-7300 and AVR-8000.

Anyways, I know by perusing these forums, a lot of preference for speakers is taste and different people like different sounds etc., but I'm just looking for recommendations for good universally solid bookshelf speakers.

TIA for any advice,


Evicted Audio Enthusiast

11-02-2007, 07:21 PM
Are you looking to spend $1K to $2K for 2 pairs or per pair? In either case, you may not even have to spend $2K for the 4. Before you make any decision, go and audition the new B&W 600 series loudspeakers. Just came out replacing the Series 3 units (which I have two pair of and love them). These new ones are even better. The 686 (smallest) and the 685 (next size up) are the two bookshelfs in this series. I was astonishingly impressed with these two. The music and bass ext that comes out of these 2 are nothing less than outstanding. B&W has incorporated features from their top end 800 series into these two such as a fixed center cone eliminating standing waves and smoothing out the higher frequencies. The 685's sell for $600.00/pair and the 686's at $450.00 pair. They can do this because these are now partially made in China. So go and enjoy. While there, you may want to audition the 700 series bookshelfs. I believe you would then be close to the $2K/pair but not sure. Other brands to consider would be Epos, Harbeth (very expensive though), PSB, NHT, Proac, Mission, & Energy to name a few. All of these are considered hi-end meaning they're not sold in the mass market stores. The fun is in the auditioning. All the best and let us know how you do. Sorry to hear you had to move due to your hobby. That stinks!!

Mr Peabody
11-02-2007, 08:28 PM
My suggestion would be Dynaudio Audience 52's. They were around $900. a pair. You should find these neutral which would be good for your wide variety of music, and if your electronics are good they do killer bass, which is an attribute of all Dynaudio speakers. They also have a smaller 42 but it won't play as low.

I also like the sound of Paradigm but I'm not familiar enough with the models to give you any prices.

So not to get evicted again, have you thought of headphones? You can buy a pair of Sennheiser HD-650's around $300.00 or so.

11-02-2007, 09:37 PM
Thanks for the info guys, I'll take a look at those brands.


jim goulding
11-02-2007, 11:15 PM
Why not be an audiophile? You do plan to put your speakers on stands, right? Not literally in bookshelves. Google Seguerra speakers. They're under 1K direct from a master. Warning, if you're not a serious listener, you're liable to become one. Bass is fast and tight. You'll get the boogie without disturbing your neighbors but you will be tempted. Most small speakers are less efficient, so invest in some clean amplification. Pea's recs are cool, too, particularly the headphones, altho I don't think the speakers have this much potential.

11-03-2007, 12:53 AM
A pair of these Tyler Acoustics Freedom F-2s will run you $850 (shipping included) but they are only sold Internet direct (with trial period). http://tyleracoustics.com/Images/speakers/Freedom/F2LG.jpg

They have the same cabinets with 1 inch thick MDF on all sides and superb real wood veneer. Good SEAS and Vifa drivers are used on the Freedom line as well. The link ishttp://tyleracoustics.com/freedom.html

Maybe for a change of pace on the other pair you could look at the same speakers I use for my office system -- the Opera Audio Consonance Eric-1s that retail for $995/pr. (sold at a few retailers throughout the country). These may not look as nice as the Tylers (subjective), but I can easily say they sound phenominal. The link to the Eric-1s follows: http://www.opera-consonance.com/products/ERIC1.htm


Mr Peabody
11-03-2007, 05:56 AM
Just an observation, not criticism, the Vifa drivers I've heard in applications tend to lean to the warmer side of neutral but in a pleasant way. Vifa made the dome midrange for the Infinity Kappa series and mids for at least some Vandersteen's I know for sure. This is no way a recommendation for Vandersteen.

An in home audition is the best way to test a potential purchase. If no one offers a return or in home trial, then next best thing is check out the internet.