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10-31-2007, 05:59 AM
I picked up this double CD when I was in Orlando recently. It features keyboardist Erik Norlander doing most of the writing and key playing, along with guitar, drums, stick, and a few special guests including drummer Simon Phillips.

I am very impressed by this double set. The band is much better than they used to be, as I relistened to their older Brutal Architecture.

I would describe this as keyboard-based neo-prog rock. I focuses heavily on decent lyrics and melodies. Pehaps a cross in sound between Alan Parsons Project and '70s era Rick Wakeman.

If you like bands like Ambrosia or Umphrey's McGee with a bit more classical prog structure, or are looking towards some lighter classical-prog oriented prog-metal, this album is very easy to like. From the two disks, you can easily put together 80 minutes of five-star music. At another point in time, and in a better world than this one, this album would have boosted this band to superstar status.

Yes, while it doesn't break much new ground artistically, it's that good.

I hear they have a new album coming out soon.