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02-27-2004, 03:24 PM
I recently picked a a Sony 60 inch LCD TV and its definately time to get rid of my old Sony satelite system. I've been putting off this purchase for a while, but I've finally gotten to the point where I've got to replace my 5.1 system. At present, I might stick with the reciever (Sony strde595) and the 150watt powered sub, although I'll try to switch those out as soon as I can.

I picked by a pair of JBL Studio series s36IIpm bookshelf speakers that will probably serve as rears/surrounds. I need to buy the center channel and the two main speakers/towers. I realize that most of the audiophiles here will be disgusted by my inabaility to spend more money, but I was currently looking at the Infinity Primus 250 or 360 Towers and the Infinity Primus c25 center. I did recently see a lot of positive information on this Fluance stuff and was considereing a pair of SV-10s, however, I've never heard the name before and am a bit skeptical. They seem to cost as much or less than the Primus 250s, but have considerably better specifications. Could you guys please help me decde between these (Infinity or Fluance) or suggest other speakers in a similar price range that are better. For information, the room is about 20 by 26 or something along those lines. I was consiedring the HK 325 as the reciever replacement, but any advice regarding this would be helpful as well. Thanks for an help you can provide.


Aldo WIngate
02-27-2004, 03:45 PM
A word on your choice in TV - OUTSTANDING! That Sony 60 inch LCD is an awesome choice and I know you will be happy.

As for rear speakers, JBL is another outstanding choice. I say, stick with JBL for all other channels. I highly recommend matching brands, front, center, sides and rears for consistent timbre matching and sound reproduction.

As with all a/v choices, it is personal taste that should guide you. Unlike some select SNOBS - no names because they know who they are - who will undoubtedly chime in and bad mouth something you've selected, I think YOU are the best judge and will make a wise decision because you have NOT, in my opinion, gone wrong yet!