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View Full Version : $350 CDP better DACs vs Denon AVR?

10-29-2007, 11:11 AM
Just a quick question after searching this forum.

I need a new 5 disc. cd player after breaking my 17 yr old Sony ES one.
Was looking at a Denon DCM390 or Marantz CC4001 = both are $350 USD.

However if the DACs on these are not better than my Denon AVR 3802, maybee I should buy a cheaper CD player (5 disc.) and use it as a transport (using digital coax cables instead of analogue cables).

thanks for your direction.


Mr Peabody
10-29-2007, 08:13 PM
I'd say the DAC itself is probably similar in both the receiver and $350.00 player but it's how the analog is treated afterward and how good the analog circuits are that count. This would be a tough call.

My suggestion would be to buy one of the $350.00 players from a place that allows the 30 day return, do the comparison and if it's not worth it, return the CDP for a cheaper one. I don't typically recommend Yamaha for much but when I was looking for my daughter a cheap 5 disc player I was impressed with the Yamaha sound. It was cheaper than Onkyo and Denon which were the ones I compared the Yamaha to. The latter had better bass definition but the Yamaha had a more natural and open midrange. I was surprised there was even a noticeable difference in that entry level price point. The Yamaha was $150.00 or less.