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10-22-2007, 10:30 PM
has a new album out, Necessary Evil. Not as bad as I thought it would be (a friend of mine has it). Of course, its mastered in the modern ball-to-the-wall fashion. I don't know that this will win any new fans. Its an album that garner a few wows cuz after all, its Debbie Harry making a rather modern sounding album.

It coulda been better. Some songs try to play on her older quasi-punk image with not so much success. Its got modern house beats all over it too, so it seems to be trying to appeal to the one dance song she ever made. When she sticks to the more down to earth rock approaches, it works better. The ballads, If I Had You, is reminiscent of The Pretenders, while Needless To Say, and Paradise is good adult pop. Charm Alarm and Naked Eye which aren't bad, sounds like some of the rock oriented songs she did in the '80s. There's also a couple of all instrumental tracks on this, so I'm suspiscious of just how much of this Harry anyway.

On the hard edged acid-house stuff, her voice just doesn't hold up. On the poppier dance stuff, she inadvertantly comes across like an older Madonna. When she keeps it real, she does well, but this album is so all over the map, its really a mess. Too bad she seemed so bent on trying be a modern diva, instead of making a mature statement. She just doesn't have the pipes to pull some of this stuff off, but she shouldn't have to either. Even Madonna has reeled it in and she ain't even 50 yet.