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Mr MidFi
10-15-2007, 06:38 AM
Discuss. Or not.

(Personally, I'm liking it.)

10-15-2007, 07:28 AM
I'm not a big Radiohead fan at all, I do own a few albums, and like some of their stuff, but I never understood the fascination some have with them.

That said, I do enjoy this album a fair bit - it's a bit simpler, almost more indie-rock like than the last couple of albums, but it works. I'm curious to hear what Radiohead fans think. I almost expect the bulk of them to dislike it for the same reasons I like it.

Wish it was available as a FLAC or a $15 cd though...

Finch Platte
10-15-2007, 09:15 AM
I'm not a fan, and I don't see the new one (yes, I've heard it) changing that.


Mr MidFi
10-15-2007, 09:45 AM
Wish it was available as a FLAC or a $15 cd though...

My understanding is they will release it to regular CD format in early 2008. The sound quality of the 160 kps download is actually better than I expected it to be (but I guess that's damning with faint praise, huh?)

There's no one monumentally earth-shattering song on the new one, but every track manages to get under your skin (in a good way). I've only listened a couple of times so far, but I think this one is probably going to end up on my YIR best-of list.

After 4 albums in a row of "oh no, the soul-devouring modern world is crushing me like an insect!" this one feels more intimate, more immediate and more personal to me. Some interesting percussion going on throughout, as well.