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Joe B
11-20-2003, 11:01 AM
With the invite of my old pal JDaniel, I thought I'd drop by! :-) I just bought the original 9 Chicago studio CD's that have recently been re-mastered. The Sound quality is amazing! Some are better than others, but all are a big improvement over the original recordings. Chicago's Lee Loughnane had a hand in the re-mastering process too (Always a good sign when original members have input). I ended up getting their new box set off of e-bay too . that Had some unreleased music from their Stone of Sipheus CD that was never released. They also made a couple DVD audio discs for Chicago II and Chicago V. All 'n' all hats off to Rhino for a well done project.

I notice they are starting to re-master some Foreigner and Foghat recordings too. I'll have to keep my ears open for future projects.

Cheers! :-)

Joe B

11-20-2003, 11:30 AM
The Rhino remasters are okay in my book. I was very happy to finally see Chicago's catalog, especially the early stuff, getting the remastering treatment. There was a lot of mixed feelings about these. Mostly negative comments at another board I sometimes lurk at. Really nit picking at times and I swear you'd have to have "golden ears" to pick out the stuff they were mentioning.

Anyway, I just love CTA, II and III. The packaging was very cool as was the liner notes. And the music is just great. Well, great if you like Chicago that is. After III they went to a standard jewel case. I have no idea why but lots of folks don't like that digipak style anyway. Was Chicago IV (Live at Carnegie Hall) ever remastered? I've yet to see that.

Unfortunately, after Terry Kath died Chicago went downhill faster than a skydiver without a parachute. Hot Streets, the first release without Kath, was only marginal at best and I didn't pursue anything beyond that.


Joe B
11-20-2003, 12:12 PM
I'm guessing the negative comments might have come from folks who never heard the originals.If they heard them first, they might think different. CTA was so well recorded but Chicago II (Despite what's probably there strongest material to date) was just a terrible recording. . All of the audible distortion At least to my poor ears) on that disc has been removed. To me the albums that gained the most from remastering were X and XI. I didn't bother with any beyond that. I agree with you about it being a different band after Terry Kath died. I kept buying their records hopping they would return to form, but all I got was David Foster in drag LOL!

I also wish they used the digipack treatment to the others too. To answer your Question; Rhino never remastered Chicago IV. I recently sent an e-mail asking if they had any future plans, to which I'm still waiting for a reply. I'll keep you posted. Great talking to you Darren! :-)

Joe B