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10-08-2007, 02:01 PM
Has anyone seen these subs that they are planning on making over at AV.123? They must be sick or something. They have two new subs in the works. Here's a clip from the thread I just saw here:

Basic known differences:

available now (not sure how fast Mark II is able to build them?)
basic painted black box

Here's some stuff from Seaton's forum:
Dual, custom designed, 15" drivers with 3" diameter voice coils
A sealed enlcosure built from very strong and rigid Baltic Birch Plywood
Drivers on opposing faces for a completely inert, stablized cabinet that won't walk, shake or quiver.
A robust, high efficiency, 1,000W ICEpower based amplifier with SMPS power supply.
Isolated balanced input eliminating common ground loop problems
Cabinet dimensions: 24.25" W x 17.5" D x 25.5" H
Frequency response: +/-3dB 18-200Hz - outdoor ground plane
available some day (av123 time - probably early next year - maybe, maybe not, etc.)
multiple finishes including satin black, veneers, etc.

Here's some stuff from this forum:
Drivers: All custom. One 15" active with three 18" passive radiators

Amplifier: 1000 watts

Performance: Significant output into the teens (Hz) and very low distortion

Cabinet: Typical excellent AV123 build quality. Well braced. Choice of real wood veneers (list coming soon). The cabinet will take the shape similar to our Rocket RS850 Signature Loudspeakers. This looks elegant as well as minimizes visual impact as this is no tiny sub

Dims: 25" high x 22" x wide x 30" deep (approximate!)