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09-11-2007, 04:40 AM
Hi All,

I'm putting together a Roksan Kandy settup second hand and would be interested to know any recomendation for speakers to go with it - 500-1000 should be about right for budget.

On a side note, I've purchased a 2-3 year old Kandy cd player, working in good condition but was slightly surprised that when partnered with a cam audio amp (540) and matching speakers, it didn't sound so good - much worse than the cam audio cd player that goes with the system.

Is it a case of the best matched cd player sounds best irrespecitive of cost or could there be a problem with the cd player?


09-12-2007, 04:15 PM
Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to answer. It's like asking, "What ice cream tastes best?" Speakers, of every link in the audio chain, are by far the most subjective and therefore can only be chosen by you. Your price range is fairly healthy ($2K+ usd) so you're choices are nearly endless. I'd recommend taking some well recorded tunes and your Kandy to a few audio shops and audition what they have. Listen to not only different makes of speakers, but also different types of speakers: planars, 'stats, transmission line, acoustic suspension, bass reflex, et. al. You'll know what you like when you hear it, trust me.

As for the CD question, my guess is there's something wrong with the Kandy cdp. There is such a thing as synergy, but it shouldn't be a night and day difference. Companies such as Naim specifically design their equipment to work with each other, from the cables to the speakers, but I doubt this is the case. The other thing to keep in mind is that CA Azur cdp's are very well regarded and considered somewhat of a "giant killer" anyway. There is a chance (albeit small) the Kandy simply isn't up to the task.

Hope this helps.

Mr Peabody
09-12-2007, 05:40 PM
For a speaker rec, take a listen to Dynaudio.

Have you tried The Rok CDP with the Kandy amp? If that sounds alright, it was probably a synergy problem. I once had an Arcam Alpha 9 on the front end of a Krell integrated and even though both are very good pieces they just didn't sound right together. This may not have been noticeable maybe to anyone else but I was familiar with the Alpha 9, I had it with another Arcam amp, as well as one other brand. When I stuck a Krell cdp with the Krell integrated, then things really fell into place. Don't under estimate the importance of system synergy.