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09-03-2007, 05:58 PM
I helped my father-in-law clean out a rental house for his church - seems they had some renters skip rent, left behind some stuff. They didn't want to bother selling any of it, so they called Goowill to collect it. I got their days before and helped move some old furniture and saw two recievers (Sony, Kenwood) and a Toshiba DVD player. To make a long story short, niether the DVD player nor the Sony reciever works, but the Kenwood does. It did have a very loose volume control knob, but tightening the caption nut and soldering a wire did fix the problem (they were going to trach all three items).

The Kenwood is an older first or second generation surround receiver, a KR-V7020, and it kicks! I think it was rated 100 watts per channel, and 20 watts for the surround. I don't use surround in my home any way, so I'll just use it as stereo. It sounds great in my living room rig.


09-03-2007, 09:14 PM
Cool, I have a 70's vintage Silver faced Yamaha Stereo Receiver as main music source in my garage, playing thru my old BES speakers (also from the 70's) .

I bought the Yamy about 12 years ago at a Goodwill store for $35 and it has worked perfect since day one...