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08-31-2007, 11:49 AM
I recently purchased a pair of Paradigm Signature S-4 speakers (22" in height). I did not splurge the extra $300 for the Paradigm J-23 stands. I figured I could buy more attractive stands for less money off the internet. Does anyone know the dimensions (height, etc.) of the J-23s? I understand that the tweeter should be at ear level. Is that correct? Also, know of any good websites for inexpensive stands?

08-31-2007, 12:49 PM
Tread carefully when buying speaker stands off the net. To a large degree, you get what you pay for with speaker stands. A lot of stands are cheaper because they use lightweight bases, which makes them more top heavy and unstable (but cheaper to ship). You have to watch out for those, and there's no way to verify their construction until you try them out for yourself. With more expensive speaker stands, you're paying for looks or more rugged construction/better stability.

Paradigm's Premier stands are actually very competitively priced for what you get. The J-series is their top of the line, but there's no reason you have to pair those with the Signatures. Those stands are well made, but that $300 is buying you the anodized aluminum and nickel finish.

The less expensive Premier S-series stands will work fine, although they definitely don't look quite as nice unless you're into powder-coated black finishes, and don't have the top spike option for you to screw the speakers to the top plate. Compared to other stands in its price range, the S-series stands are generally heavier in the base, which is what you want.

With the Signature S-4, I would aim for about an 18" stand, and the Premier J and S-series stands are available at that height. (I have the Studio 40, which is similar in height to the S4, and use 18" S-series stands) A 23" stand might be more appropriate for the S2.

If you want speaker stands that value durability above all else (in other words, they're ugly), you could also look into Sound Anchor. These stands won't be much cheaper than the J-23s, but they are shipped in one piece with no user assembly (they are expensive because the stands are prefilled and welded with no seams between the pieces).

Pat D
08-31-2007, 06:18 PM
I have the J-29 stands for my Paradigm Signature S2 speakers and they are about 28.5 inches high--I presume with spikes (which I don't use!) they would be 29 inches. So I presume the J-23 stands would be about 23 inches high, which seems about right.

The vertical dispersion pattern differs with various speakers. With the Paradigm Signature Series, your ears should be somewhat below the top of the speaker for best results, so stands about 23 inches high would seem to be about right. This would vary somewhat depending on your height and the height of your chair and how you sit but it's not all that critical.

The J stands do allow you to bolt the speakers to the stands, which is a great convenience when it comes to moving the speakers around. I definitely recommend this! I'll never go back . . .

I have heard nice things from RGA about Skylan stands, so you might check them out. From the pictures on the net, I don't think they look any better, but I gather they are somewhat less expensive.

09-14-2007, 09:13 AM