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02-24-2004, 07:01 PM
First off, I'm sorry if this question has been answered before -- please point me to the right place in the archives. I'm got a small living room (12.5 x 14) with the TV needing to be placed in a corner. It's pretty obvious where my front center speaker's got to go, and I think I've worked out placement for front L&R, but those 2 rear speakers are confusing the hell out of me. Our viewing positions are a couch on the long wall across from the Tv and a small loveseat on the "back" wall (so to speak), so that we've got an l-shaped sitting/viewing space diagonally across from the TV. Is there a way to get decent surround sound out of this predicament? (Incidentally, don't worry about my sound for 2-channel listening -- we're in this TV predicament because my wife was already generous enough to let me have the entire wall opposite the loveseat for my music system speakers!) Thanks kindly for your help, Rich

02-25-2004, 04:16 PM
well just try to get them behind the common sitting area. go to dolby's website and look at surround sound placement. that has a few that sound good.

up on the ceiling above the listening area maybe?? its not the best way, but if you have to it works.

im not completely clear on the room and listening area, can you explain more about it? like is there a wall behind the couch that is flat, or is it curved or a 90 degree point ?