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08-14-2007, 10:13 AM
Something to consider: if you have a turntable with a cracked, broken, trashed or missing cover: get a replacement built to order. I'd been all over ebay and elsewhere looking for a Thorens dustcover after renovating a 30 year-old turntable. On another site someone referred me to TAP Plastics which has outlets around the west coast (but can take mail orders from other parts of the country).

I went to the store in Seattle and brought in the remains of my dustcover. They built a new one using the original as a template which fits perfectly and looks better than the original (they used clear acrylic instead of that 70's smoked stuff) for $100, which would be less than you'd pay for a new one for a high-end turntable if you could even get one. If you don't have the original they can work off dimensions pretty well. Turnaround time is about three weeks usually. I can't recommend it highly enough as an option for anyone working with vintage gear.