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07-27-2007, 09:50 PM
It's interesting how things affect our lives and that something as simple as a 2 hour cinematic experience can have such a profound effect on us in some way, shape, or form, so I thought I would list 10 movies that somehow made an impact on my life. Some of the changes are minor, while some are major and these films somehow helped shape who I am or inspired me in some particular way. I'd love to hear about movies that changed YOUR life too, but here are mine:

I suppose that the impact that this film had one me was on mental stability in general and how all of us are a little bit 'crazy'. This film typically is considered a comedy, which I never really understood why because the film is dark as it can get, but brilliant in so many ways. I usually watch this film about once a year and every time I see it there is just something I can't explain that happens inside me...I just feel emotionally attached to this film and I still can't believe that Chief kills R.P. McMurphy in the end...how tragic.


CONTEMPT (1963) Dir. Jean Luc Godard
I saw this film shortly after I caught my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years cheating on me and I was in a severe depression at the time. I was glued to this film from beginning to the end and watched it about 3-4 times over and over that same day. It was mesmerizing to me and somehow made me feel better in some odd way. I suppose I could relate to the characters, especially when the Jack Palance character ends up wooing Brigit Bardot away from her lover and how he didn't really 'push' her into the hands of a new lover, but just didn't chase after her to prove his love.


8 1/2 (1963) Dir. Federico Fellini
This film resonated with me simply because it (like myself) is never complete. It's about a filmmaker who just can't seem to end his film, like the number 8 1/2, it's neither 8 nor 9, but somehow stuck in between. At the time that I had seen this film I was torn about where to go in life and I too wanted to be a filmmaker of some sort.


THE THIRD MAN (1949) Dir. Carol Reed
Saw this film and immediately wanted to work with more b&w film and photography. This film also inspired me to want to make artistic films and perhaps music videos.


THE GOOD, THE BAD, and the UGLY (1966) Dir. Sergio Leone
I've seen this Western probably 100 times more than any other film and when I was in college I only owned one movie: this was it. I would put the VHS in the machine and just let it play over and over and over again. There is something flat-out awesome about the pace of this film and the overarching themes that coincide. I especially love the war scenes that are often overlooked and the ballad of the soldiers...superb soundtrack as well.


METROPOLIS (1927) Dir. Fritz Lang
No one can call themself a true sci-fi fanatic without seeing this one! This is by far one of the most ingenious works of science fiction and had a lasting impression on me at a young age. I also felt entranced by this films beauty and imagery.


SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS (1942) Dir. Preston Sturges
I never laughed as hard in my life as when I saw this film and I could relate to this film from the first to the last frame. Just a flat-out hilarious rampant film with high-caliber laughs that are masterfully woven together in a film that also has some dark turns here and there. Just brilliant.


2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) Dir. Stanley Kubrick
Where to begin...masterpiece seems to sum it up. Intellectually one of the most profound and stimulating films ever made and a cinematic achievement unlike any other.


HEARTS AND MINDS (1974) Dir. Peter Davis
Forever changed my life and my views on war and especially on Vietnam.


FAHRENHEIT 9/11 (2005) Dir. Michael Moore
This film spoke many of the thoughts that I had in my mind, it gave me a voice for many of the things I was personally unable to express inwardly and outwardly in reaction to the horrific events on the September day.


07-28-2007, 08:08 PM
And here are more....... :D

Gandhi (1972): They don't make movies like this anymore. Arguably the best biographical movie ever made.

Godfather I/II (1971/74): I did not get to watch this movie until 1987. And it was an event to
watch it for the first time.

Star Wars (1977): Remembering the first time it premiered on premium TV in 1982. You can not say that statement for too many movies.

High Noon (1952): If this movie doesn’t catch the viewer with its magnificent imagery, then the haunting soundtrack for sure will.

07-29-2007, 04:16 AM
I'd have to agree that all of your choices left some sort of profound impact on my life, but not as life-changing as the ones I listed, at least for me. THE GODFATHER SAGA certainly gave me inspiration though for also wanting to be a filmmaker of some sort, and if there is ever a film to watch for lighting techniques and style, this is it!

07-29-2007, 11:50 AM
There's really only 1 movie can say has had any profound effect on me, or changed my life at all.
My Best Friend's Wedding (1998) - I met my wife at this one.

07-29-2007, 07:40 PM
There's really only 1 movie can say has had any profound effect on me, or changed my life at all.
My Best Friend's Wedding (1998) - I met my wife at this one.

That's about as life-changing as it gets. One of the first dates with my wife was FAHRENHEIT 9/11, which I had already seen at the screening, loved it, and had to have her see it to appreciate it. She loved it as well and we have clicked ever since.