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07-22-2007, 06:05 PM
Currently, I have a pair of v.3 Paradigm Titans and I enjoy them.

Because of decorating issues (long story), and budget issues (speaker stands are outrageous), I am looking for a cheap pair of decent floorstanding speakers.

I have a chance to buy the Paradigm Monitor 5 (V1) sight unseen for about $150-200. Apparently the first version of this speaker is a floorstander. Has anyone heard it? Does this sound like a decent price to you? Would it be much of an upgrade to my Titans?

I know that getting used speakers is the best way to get decent speakers for the price. Does anyone have any suggestions for the most decent sounding but incredibly cheap (less than $400) floorstanders?

Thanks guys! I have lurked on here for a while and have seen (mostly) good advice so far.