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07-09-2007, 07:04 AM
Hey guys thanks for taking a look im a DJ and im looking for some new speakers im barelly starting so im a little short handed "money wise" i was looking at some Pyle subs and speakers and i really liked this Sub


i will need to subs plus speakers to at the top of those some thing like this


so i was wondering what kind of amp i will need to power these speakers (1 or 2 amps) another thing the Sub i really liked but as for the top speaker what will i need (check ths sie for all pyle speaker http://www.pyleaudio.com/list.asp?brand=&cat1=Pro+Audio&cat2=PA+Cabinets&curpage=1)

thanks alot for all of ur help

Mr Peabody
07-22-2007, 10:08 PM
It looks like the sub has a passive crossover but it crosses at 800Hz which is pretty high. You could use just one amp. You can try hooking up all the speakers with out an extra crossover but I doubt you'd get a decent sound. You could get a passive crossover network if you want to use one amp, the amp would go into the crossover and then split the signal at the set crossover point similar to what the built in speaker crossovers do. If money allows you could also use an active crossover keeping the signal at preamp levels and then feeding it to 2 amps, one for the subs and one for the mid/high boxes. Keep in mind it takes much more power to reproduce low frequencies and it looks like the sub is about 3db less sensitive, so the sub amp will have to be much more powerful than the top end amp if you bi-amp.

You might want to price an amplified mixer. Sometimes these will come complete with crossover settings and built in power, plus you already have your mixing capabilities. They also have outputs for expanding.

Man, those cabinets have Piezo tweeters, these are cheap and pretty much indestructable but they are not very musical.