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07-01-2007, 04:00 PM
Hi All,
I'd like to be able to stream video and audio from my PC to my TV and A/V receiver. I also may want to print wireless. Can someone please tell me the hardware thats needed?

I'm assuming I'd need a media hub like the D-Link MediaLounge or something similar and a router? Do I need a special router to print wireless?

I plan on buying an HP Officejet 7400 which is wireless network ready. Also, any recommendations on which media hub to buy? Thanks for any info!

Dan G.

07-01-2007, 04:48 PM
Apple TV will do what you want. It's hackable so you can do things like download bit torrent content. I plan on buying the smaller 40 GB version and installing a larger hard drive later. You'll need a wireless router or access point but this will also take care of your wireless printer.

07-02-2007, 04:33 PM
I think that's the missing link in the whole PC/home theater puzzle. I recently got a 500 GB hard drive and want to stream audio (and maybe video) files to my main system over the wireless network. But, every device seems to have a major shortcoming, most notably the need to always have a PC turned on with client software running. If you don't mind that shortcoming, then audio/video options like the Medialounge or Apple TV, or audio only options like the Roku Soundbridge or Slim Devices Squeezebox will work fine.

I know that the Xbox and the PS3 also have media center options, but they also have decidedly less drive capacity for storing files, and I'm not sure about their ability to connect with network attached storage (NAS) devices or other networked external drives (this is a shortcoming with all of the other network media players I've read about as well, except the uberexpensive Sonos system).

If you want to wirelessly network to a printer, you can also look into upgrading your router to an Apple Airport Extreme. It uses the draft 802.11n wireless spec, and has a USB port that can be used as a wireless print server and/or to turn any external USB drive into a NAS device. Advantage to this is that neither the external USB drive nor the printer need to be directly attached to a PC. I've used Apple's Bonjour printer utility, and it works great for wireless printing (even got my Canon multifunction printer to work over a wireless connection, and multifunction printers in general don't work with other wireless print devices).

Disadvantage is that the Airport Extreme still cannot directly connect to most wireless media players without a PC running.