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06-11-2007, 08:25 PM
I found it a challenge to integrate a subwoofer with my current set of Dipole planar speakers. I had built a handful of subwoofers for my other speakers but found it particularly difficult with my current planar speakers.

The problem was that the subwoofer sounded out of phase with sound energy eminating from either the front or the back. Placement of the sub made little improvement until I finally placed the subwoofer behind the listening position. But in this position it was out of phase with everything.

So I searched for a dipole subwoofer design and was surprised at the lack of information on the net. I did find a couple of designs but very little in regards to details. So I emulated one of them and I completed my first prototype this weekend. I used two 8ohm drivers in parallel using a Keiga 5230 subwoofer amp. Since dimensions and box tuning information were totally absent for dipoles I took best guess.

What I found was not perfect but integrated far better with the dipoles than everything else I've tried. I can now position this in front with the speakers. What little information I found suggested building two distinctly seperate cabinets and placing them directly beneath each speaker. I tried one just to prove the concept before moving forward.

I would appreciate any feedback from anyone with experience building dipole subwoofers.

Thanks in advance

See attached Pictures