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05-31-2007, 10:32 PM

I'm looking to buy a stereo system (will be mainly used for music and NOT home theater\cinema).
These are some sets I have listened to, and I am interesting in your opinion regarding the companies & models (if you had any experience with it).
The first 2 sets are brand new while the last 2 are used (i.e. from second hand or display).

1st set:
Amp Cambridge Audio Azur 840A Class XD
CDP Cambridge Audio Azur 640C
Speakers Focal-JMlab Chours 726S

2nd set:
Amp Arcam A70
CDP Arcam CD73
Speakers B&W DM602 S3

3rd set:
Amp YBA YA201
CDP Audio Analogue Maestro (the model before the last one)
Speakers MFSL OML-2

4th set:
Amp Audio Analogue Verdi
CDP Audio Analogue Rossini
Speakers Audio Physics Yara

Any comment\suggestion\idea will be appreciated.