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05-12-2007, 06:11 PM
I just bought a new house and had the family room and patio wired for sound. The cabling that was used is 16 gauge to both places. The 2nd zone on my receiver that I'm going to use for the patio only has RCA out. What's the best way to do this? Should I put RCA connectors on the end of the 16 gauge wires (are there even connectors to do this)? Or is there another better way to do this?


05-13-2007, 03:13 AM
Those are line-level outputs. You need to add an amplifier to use your receiver's multi-zone capabilities which are usually a little more versatile than simply adding another pair of speakers. You can usually control the volume in the two rooms separately and even listen to different sources in different rooms... control the receiver with a remote from the other room (usually requires an IR receiver for the second zone to be purchased from the manufacturer)... You should probably get out the manual for your receiver if you have it, or see if the manufacturer has it online... My receiver came with a remote for the second zone, but I'd have to purchase an IR receiver to use it... The IR receiver must be connected to the receiver with a cable.

An inexpensive amp from AudioSource or something similar would be all you need if the speakers are nothing special... They say it's optimal to go with longer interconnects and shorter speaker wires. Although, it's also better to keep the amp out of harsh environments and where it's convenient...

If your receiver has A and B speaker outputs... You could simply hook up the speakers in the other room to the B speaker outputs and do things the old fashioned way. If your receiver doesn't have outputs for a second set of speakers, adding a decent speaker selector / distribution box would probably cost as much as buying an inexpensive amplifier.

Good luck!!! :)

EDIT: I just reread the question and see you want to do 3 zones... Adding an additional amp with A and B speaker outputs and switches to the multi-zone output might be helpful there... or just use a speaker selector / distribution box and do things the old-fashioned way...