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05-08-2007, 05:47 AM

Looking for a new set of speakers and have shortlisted the above. Mainly as I can get them for roughly the same price GBP 350 & 330 respectively (new & shop soiled) and also after reading the reviews here. Now the question I have is which one is best? Simple eh!
I used to own some 30 year old Tannoy Mayfair T225 10" Dual Concetric speakers which gave a lovely warm sound, so am drawn to the DC2's. But the reviews and finish on the Quad's look excellent also.
Can only tell you that I am running a 15 year old Technics CD player and a 25-30 year old Technics amp with A & B speaker outputs (so I gues bi-wiring is possible). I know that once I upgrade the speakers I will then have to add a new amp and CD player to finish this off. But Me thinks I am starting in the right place.
Now the worst thing about all this is that I wil be puting this kit into a newly built conservatory with the dwarf walls (600mm high) and a glass picthed ceiling. It is going to be around 24 x 12 ft with a solid wooden floor. Not the best accoustics for any kit I imagine!
Anyway if there's anyone out there who can help I'd be most grateful:6:



05-11-2007, 11:38 AM
I strongly recommend the Quad 21L, very musical super imaging good bass great mid etc. I think the best speaker in this price range and since they are being replace by L2 series you will be able to have a great price.