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Mr Peabody
05-03-2007, 07:49 PM
I just received a newsletter from Music Direct showing some of the Audio Electronics line. This is a line of American tube electronics built by Cary in North Carolina. It looks pretty good. They have a Class A preamp with remote and dual outs for $1499.00. The output impedance is only 560 ohms which would mix great with a solid state power amp, if that was your thing. You can get a pair of 60 watt triode monoblocks for $2499.00. They also have a stereo 40 watt push pull for $1799.00. Each monoblock has six EL34's. A 60 watt triode should push most reasonably sensitive speaker. MD gave the impression that this line was built to compete with the invasion of inexpensive Chinese tube gear. Whether AE's prices are that good will depend on the performance you receive for it. They certainly have my attention and would like to hear it. I'm not looking to switch, they just have me curious. You know how we are? They also have a Class A tube phono stage at $899.00. It would be interesting to see if they have, or will offer, an integrated.

Anyone heard any of this stuff?