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04-30-2007, 12:40 AM
BLINDSIDED again by vizio.
A friend calls from sams club, wants advice on TV sets, should he buy the akai or the vizio?
What about em I ask?
He says "well, the vizio is 1080p AND 1700$$...
SURELY you are mistaken!
NOPE, thats what it says. well how does it look?
It looks freakin georgous!
So I get home and get on the computer and there it is, a 1080p 46 in direct view LCD for 1700 bucks, with a contrast ratio of 1600 to one yet.
The 32in is 599$! So how low can TV prices get? they are dropping like a brick airplane. One poster on this forum likes his 51in hitachi
crt rear projector. 699$ at sears. Or the magnavox version at K-mart for 630$
Whats an "element"? A 32in one is selling for 550 at circuit city
Cant wait to get to sams and look at the vizio 46incher, if its half as good as the sony 1080p I saw it would be the buy of the century.
What next? A HDTV in a box of cereal?
And its not just Lcd, a 34in sony wega CRT, 599$ a lot of picture processing usually reserved for higher end devices its really a great buy.
Its both the best and worst time to buy, because you know they will be cheaper six months down the road (mine is 200$ cheaper)