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04-23-2007, 10:05 PM
:ciappa: A guy named Art bell once said on the radio thaat he was buying a newfangeled HDTV, a 34 in sony direct view.
Cost him five grand
34 in sonys are the same basic set as the 30 in, and have been selling for 1200 for awhile, then they dropped the price to 999.
Last sept I saw a demo for 999, they wouldnt budge off the price.
Then I opened short circuits sale paper and WOW,
A 34 in sony hdtv, for 599$$$$!!!
So if you think CRTS are the "bomb" better stock up.
Nobody thought CRTS would die this fast, that they would have to sell
sonys for firesale prices, the bottom must have dropped out of the market completely.
STOCK UP TUBEHEADS, buy several at this price, store em away:ciappa: