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04-20-2007, 12:51 PM
A Beautiful Mind (2001): A+

Winner of four academy awards and base on life of paranoid mathematician John Nash, this movie did deliver. The first 45 minutes set up the plot, and kept saying what is so great about this movie. But then as plot evolves, it will pull viewer in and lock you in. Brilliantly directed by Ron Howard, Russell Crowe deliver a mesmerizing performance. He might be one of best actors of our time due to his performance in this movie. Very convincing.

The DVD commentary by Ron Howard is first rate.

Mystic River (2003): A-

After Sean Penn's daughter is brutally murdered, Detective Kevin Bacon and Laurence Fishburne take on the case to find her killer. Directed by Clint Eastwood and shot on the streets of Boston, this was a moving film. Tim robins also deliver convincing performance with past childhood trauma that hunt him into adulthood. Sean Penn deliver an excellent performance.

One minor flaw was Kevin Bacon’s wife calling him. They should have left that out.

Monster (2003): B+

Based on true story of female serial killers Aileen Wuornos, this movie is dark but a moving experience. Charlize Theron won the 2003 best actress award for her performance as lead character, and Roger Ebert call it one best performance in movie history. Shot in a gritty style on the highway, streets, bars and motel rooms, it require a special mood to get throu this movie. But you will be rewarded at the end.

The Score (2001): B-

Directed by puppeteer master Frank OZ and staring Robert Deniro, Marlon Brando and Edward Norton, this was enjoyable heist movie. Brando hire veteran safecracker Deniro to steal priceless scepter from Montreal's Customs House, with help of insider Norton. The scenes with Deniro and Brando together (the first in cinema history) worth the whole movie. I wished they did more scenes together in this movie. DVD commentary by Oz is very enjoyable and give glimpse of shooting a movie as a director.

Apparently there were uneasiness between Brando and Frank OZ on this movie set-Brando calling Frank OZ “Miss Piggy” :D

04-20-2007, 01:29 PM
Smokey...welcome to 2007. lol

04-20-2007, 09:59 PM
I usually tend to watch older movies (and older TV shows) I grew up with. Somehow I enjoy them older show more. But slowly catching up to year 2000 and beyond.

May be I’m an old timer in heart :D