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04-18-2007, 02:53 PM
I have a TIVO Series 3 and OPPO DV-981 HDMI DVD player that I want to share between my bedroom and living room. I don't care about watching one component on one TV and the other on another TV. In the living room I will have something like an Onkyo TX-SR674 that can transmit both video and audio through HDMI, but only has one HDMI output. I'm thinking my options are:

1) Use an HDMI splitter from the receiver's output with one going to the bedroom TV (which will output both video and sound) and the other going to the living room TV (which will output video relying on the receiver and external speakers for sound).

2) Get 2 HDMI splitters and split directly from the source. So the TIVO HDMI is split with one going to the bedroom TV and the other to the living room receiver. Ditto for the DVD.

3) Use HDMI outputs from the TIVO and DVD into the living room receiver, and component outputs from the TIVO and s-video DVD into the bedroom TV.

Will any of these produce better results (e.g. superior video/audio) than the others? Obviously #3 will produce inferior quality from the DVD player because there are no component outputs (just HDMI, composite, s-video). Will option 1 actually work (meaning the TV in the bedroom will be able to output both video and sound despite the HDMI going through the receiver)?