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04-13-2007, 01:43 PM
Hi, you guys will probably laugh at my cobbled together speaker system but I'd like to hear suggestions on the most important things to change. Basically, if it was your set up, what would you keep and what would you replace (and what with). Please provide reasons too and thanks to everyone who replys!

Here it is:

Sub: Paradigm PDR-12
Center Chan: Boston Acoustic VR12
Towers: Infinity SW 125's
side speakers: Bose 201 series III's
Rear speakers: Realistic Minimus 7's
Reciever: Pioneer VSX D812

For under 500$ what would you change that would have the most impact on the sound? I am a student which is why this system is so random, I just got things as they were available/cheap.

04-13-2007, 01:47 PM
Well, what do you feel is lacking right now? I always replace my weak areas first, so what do you feel is the weak area? Looking at the list I could probably get the bose speakers out of the mix and replace those with something else, not sure what just yet because ideally we want to look longterm at getting a system that matches all the way around the horn. So perhaps decide which of your speakers you like best and then try and match everything else with that. your receiver would not be worth upgrading with only $500, although you might be able to add a power amp and drive your mains a bit more and use the pre-outs on that receiver. What type of player are you using?

04-13-2007, 01:55 PM
well, I should first say this is mainly a DVD setup, When I play CD's I just use the DVD player, which is a Phillips 3455H DVDR

It seems to me that when watching movies this setup works pretty well but unless it's in DTS it seems like the rear/side speakers don't sound that great, so I agree with you that the bose probably needs to go. I'm not sure about the infinity's either but I'm not sure if it is worth upgrading towers because that tends to be very expensive. Can you recommend any towers in the <500 range (or <1000msrp since I wouldn't get it new anyways).

*edit* I like my center channel the best, with the sub coming in a close second.