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04-13-2007, 09:27 AM
I know that the "need" to replace speakers is completely subjective but would still appreciate opinions. I'm about to move to a new place and am taking the opportunity to upgrade my home theater system. My original thought was to move my existing receiver and speaker system into my bedroom and completely replace what I have in my living room. I'm now considering holding off on replacing the speakers to defer some of the cost.

The room I'm referring to is in a 2-bedroom apartment (so not disturbing my neighbors too much is a necessity). The living room is 15' x 16' x 9' (high). It opens up into the kitchen area.

I'm going to buy a new HDTV, receiver (w/min. 2 HDMI inputs), and HDMI DVD player. My current 5.1 speaker system (purchased 8-10 years ago) includes:

B&W DM602 (Series 1) Fronts
B&W CC6 Center
Solid HCM1 Surrounds (I believe made by B&W)
Subwoofer (actually just blew out on me and will need to be replaced if necessary)

My main use for this system is watching HDTV and action/adventure movies. Not too much music.

So a few questions:

1) With a new HDTV, receiver, and DVD how will this current system hold up? Will it produce decent sound for this space?

2) I hit up one online manufacturer who recommended that I not upgrade to a 6.1 system because of the environment. Thoughts?

3) Do I need (again subjective, I know) a subwoofer?

4) If the system is "okay", but could be improved, is part of it more in need of an upgrade than other parts?

5) How does the current system (with the potential addition of a subwoofer) compare to going out and spending about $1k on a new speaker system?


04-13-2007, 12:39 PM
Wow, that's alot of stuff to consider. For 1K it might not go that far on a whole new setup. I think you'd be better off keeping the good parts of your older system and build around that. Only buy what you are in absolute need of and use the unused equipment for the bedroom setup.