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04-11-2007, 07:56 PM
I'm moving in a few weeks, which has given me the opportunity to upgrade my 10 year old home theater system. I'd appreciate feedback on my proposed setup and any specific equipment recommendations.


2 bedroom apartment on the bottom corner. The building is fairly well built but I still need to be concerned with disturbing my new neighbors. Living room viewing distance to TV is approximately 12 feet. Bedroom viewing distance is approximately 8 feet.


1. Good sound/video quality in my main viewing area (living room).
2. Decent sound/video quality in my bedroom.
3. Share TIVO Series 3 between living and bedroom.
4. Improve my DVD video quality (not necessarily HD / Bluray though).
5. Listen to my IPOD through receiver(s) (would be great for both rooms but not necessarily a requirement).
6. Connect TIVO to Slingbox (original aka Classic).


1. Yamaha A/V Receiver (forget the model but it was pretty good when purchased 10 years ago - 5.1 DD/DTS)
2. Sony DVD Player (about 5 years old)
3. B&W DM 601 (original) front and center channel speakers
4. Rear speakers by a company that was/is owned by B&W - mounted
5. Magnavox 32" LCD HDTV (ok video, horrible sound but it was free)
6. TIVO Series 3
7. Slingbox (original/classic)
8. Video IPOD

PROPOSED NEW EQUIPMENT (category, not specific model)

1. New A/V Receiver w/min. 2 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output (video/audio), IPOD Connector, min. 6.1
2. app. 50" HDTV
3. New 6.1 speakers
4. New upscaling HDMI DVD
5. RF/IR Universal Remote
6. Various cables


This is a tough one. I really didn't plan on moving so I haven't budgeted anything for a new home theater setup. Plus I have to buy quite a bit of furniture and accessories. I want to spend as little as I can to meet my current goals. My guess is I'll live here for a couple of years and then move into a proper house with a proper home theater room. I figure I'll have to spend around $3k but again, if I can get away with less and still have a decent system that would be great.


LIVING ROOM: New HDTV, New A/V Receiver, New Speakers, New DVD
BEDROOM: Existing HDTV, Existing A/V Receiver, Existing Speakers, Existing DVD
SHARED: TIVO Series 3 shared with living room (via HDMI into A/V Receiver) and bedroom (via Component video / optical audio into A/V Receiver) and Slingbox (via S-video, composite audio)


Does this setup make sense given my goals? Any specific recommendations for equipment?


Luvin Da Blues
04-11-2007, 08:04 PM
The Denon receivers will do what you want and the AVR2807 should fit your budget

04-11-2007, 09:15 PM
Well I was planning on just buying one receiver and using my old one in the bedroom. But certainly if I can buy one that can handle both rooms, and make it easier/better to share my TIVO and perhaps new DVD, that would be great.

Can that receiver actually produce 5.1 (or greater) sound in the second zone? Looks like from the connections that it just produces stereo and doing so takes away extra channels in the main zone.

Luvin Da Blues
04-11-2007, 09:30 PM
I edited my post when I reread your post about using the Yammy in the bedroom..but it still will do what you want. A slightly lesser (and cheaper) version would be the AVR2307. I would check out their website just to make sure it has all you want tho.


04-15-2007, 12:07 AM
EVERYBODY has a "favorite son" as far as receivers are concerned,
for instance Integra is my brand, a classy version of Onkyo, Denon
always had highs that were a little too soft for my taste.
So get the one with the features and sound you like, stay away from sony tho.
Instead concentrate on "strategy", never buy equipment without thought to the next upgrade.
For instance my Integra has all of the features of a lowline "prepro",
all I need is a decent amp and I will actually have a seperates system.
Speakers, however, last quite awhile, spend most of your money on these, theres more difference between speakers than receivers, they are the most important part of your system.
AND get a decent universal remote, very important