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Audio Girl
03-13-2007, 07:53 PM
but just curious if anyone else here is a fan of Amos Lee's first effort. Besides being well recorded, the lyrics are nice, and I especially like #8. I'll let you figure out which song that is.


I keep on living
to keep from crying
I keep on dreaming
to keep from dying
I keep on trying
I ain't gonna stop
Get right down to the bottom of the barrel
and flow back on top...

We all know someone
Who's always hurting...

03-14-2007, 02:30 AM
Hey I like Amos, I picked up his first album after hearing a snippet on ER and managed to track down who he was on a message board, ain't the internet great!

Anyway I like the album and play it now and then, although the album overall is a little one paced for me sometimes you can't deny he has a great soulful voice. Not heard his latest yet but I imagine it follows the same pattern.

Here's a few more on a similar vein you might like:-

Scott Matthews - Passing Stranger
Shane Nicholson - It's a Movie (recommended by someone on this board)
Alexi Murdoch - Time Without Consequence
Josh Rouse - too many to mention just about anything by him is great