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02-28-2007, 01:56 PM
Did any one else see this? I was really impressed.

First, I should disclose my prejudice. I am a big long time Dixie Chicks fan. Also a big alt country, classic country, roots, bluegrass fan, i.e. Robbie Fulks, Bottle Rockets, Willie Nelson, Charley Pride, ect.

I also love music documentaries, and this one was really good. I specifically like music docs that are about the band and "something else." That way it isn't interesting only to fans. In this case, the movie is about the Chicks and the "something else" is freedom of speech, radio conglomeration, the War, ect.

The Chicks are one of the rare Top 40 Country acts that I like. The biggest reason I don't like mainstream country is the whole "love it or leave it" Toby Kieth additude. To me a big part of country music is protest music. So the whole mainstream radio backlash was just more evidence of why that scene sucks.

But what was really surprising was how smart Natalie Maines came off. I mean like book/college learnin' smart. Big city smart. (insert hillbully yuck here). No really, she did come off as really smart. I thought that was ironic inlight of all the pundits at the time labling them a bunch of dumb singers. They fought their managment and PR tooth and nail to stick to their principals, and were right the whole time.

The doc was completed and released before the Grammys. So, of course knowing that they won the Grammy for Album/Record/Song/Country Record of the Year gives the whole documentary a different flavor.

Just wanted to share.

02-28-2007, 02:19 PM
Thanks for sharing. I'm not into top 40 "modern" country. But, I do like country music from the likes of Willie, Waylon, Shaver, some George Jones, the Cashes, Yokam, EmmyLou and few of the other female artists from back in the day. I haven't sought out any Dixie Chicks but what little I've heard from them did display talent and musicianship and a knack for melody which I can appreciate.

I like a good documentary also. I'll keep an eye out for that one.

I saw a documentary from 1987 on the Athens, GA music scene not long ago that had escaped me. It not only featured bands like B-52s and REM but also featured local folk artists and musicians. Then, I was watching one of those home improvement shows with my wife a couple of days ago. The premise of the show is that a family wants to re-do a room or something and to pay for the home improvement they go through their attic and closets for stuff to take to auction. (The name of the show may be "Cash in the Attic.") Anyhow, the homeowner's mantle was crammed with folk art by the Rev. Howard Finster - one of the local artists featured in the 1987 doc. on the Athens music scene! (In the documentary it was mentioned that he did an album cover for Talking Heads.) Wow, that was some coincidence.