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02-27-2007, 11:47 PM
I got a chance tonight to seee A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (for the millionth time), but in Broadcast HD. Here is what I noticed...

First, this film has been plagued with poor video white, video black, and especially poor video red in just about any format. I have seen this film in 35mm multiple times and in restored prints.

The HD broadcast was sharp and this was noticeable in several scenes, especially when they arrive at the authors house with the word "Home" illuminated outside. On DVD this was incredibly poor looking, but the HD broadcast was refined and the letters were white, but not overblown white. However, the TOP TEN list in the music store should have been easy to read the letters, but was a tad blown out by the various colors (green, red, blue, yellow).

Red is such a prominent color in this film (the authors wife for example) and several other scenes. The Red in many home formats (VHS, Laser, and DVD) always had issues with the red bleeding all over the place into the whites and always appeared smeared. However, the HD broadcast was far more controlled and there was a sense of texture in the red, rather than just a flat feel.

The Video White and Video Black was also much improved with more depth and definition and this could be seen more prominently in the MilkBar. There are still some minor problems here as it would seem that the blacks are not quite deep enough and the whites are just a tad too grayish in nature.

I can only hope that an HD-DVD of this title becomes available at some point and this is a film in need of some serious frame-by-frame restoration and color correction.

The 5.1 mix in both the Broadcast and the DVD are weak and too monophonic in nature. I'd prefer a strong 2.0 PCM stereo mix.

Anyone else happen to catch the broadcast?