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02-27-2007, 01:02 PM
wOw. :)

I replaced a Denon AVR235 reciever that failed ( smoked :incazzato: ) with a Harmon Kardon AVR635 V7.1 reciever.

No Comparison.

The H/K sounds much 'fuller' and dynamic. The Denon sounded 'thin'. it was always working too hard. I HAD to have the NADs power the big 'ol honkin' "Neighbor Haters" (old speakers (Kenwood). This thing is HEMI-powered. I think it powers my AEGIS and the Denon H/T speakers very well. And i mean in comparison to the NAD set up (see sig) as well ! :O

My Joys:-Easy set up (using the monitor) for inputs/outputs and audio set up.
-Rocks hard. Plenty of volume and power. :5:

My Gripes:-Huge remote. Does it need to be so big?
-auto set up microphone 'error message' - it couldn't 'hear' the rear or center speakers - but i could! So i started ignoring it and did it all manual.
-'auto set up' modes needed to be tweaked. All of them.
-set up menu on screen times out in less than 30seconds! Huh?! I need to listen to the change and then decide... Even when the time-out is adjusted it only gives you like 60 secinds. Once timed-out you have dig your way through the menus to where you were...
-Changes to audio settings Bass/Treble and channel volumes ARE WIPED OUT IF YOU CONTIINUE AND MODIFY THE SURROUND MODES. So mess with the surround parameters First.

Sounds great and once set up is simply a pleasure to listen to. My Life Is Better Now.:ihih:

02-27-2007, 02:32 PM

03-01-2007, 07:50 AM
yeah, those HK receivers can produce some great sound....my older HK 525 never got the autosetup right either...i was hoping the newer models got it right.
The HK things i enjoyed were on screen message on surround format and volume number...good clean sound....heavy....remote was ok, but backlit and the surround modes are clearly labeled.

how do you like the Logic7 modes? I tried all of them frequently, but settled on DTS:NEO6 Music as the best for my room/gear.

congrats on the purchase

03-01-2007, 12:44 PM
HHmmh. I guess i hadn't played with the surrounds enough... I do plan to drive my Lovely Wife NUTS with my futzing with it...

Note to ya'll - use AMEX for purchases - it automatically doubles the mfgr warranty period (up to X years (i can't remember the lawyer-disclaimer)). It paid for this one after the Denon smoked just as its warranty expired... It couldn't be fixed - so AMEX credited the whole new price. It took persistance (like any insurance company - Deny!Deny!Deny! then admit maybe...) to get it though.