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02-19-2007, 08:16 AM
Hallo everybody - :skep:
I have a Mcintosh pre, and an Aragon 4004mk2 amp I wish to put to work with a PASSIVE Polk sub (There is also an ADC Sound Shaper Three Equalizer in the wider scheme of things).

The Aragon amp has only one set of speaker output, and no gain control - gain or voliume is all done through the pre. Incidently, I have a Sansui QA7000 quad integrated amp, absolutely gorgeous by the way, and I thought perhaps I could use the QA7000 to serve as a sort of "crossover" to the sub.

A penny for your thoughts as to whether I am waaaaaay off and going to put the whole set on fire - or perhaps anybody knows how to do it (step by step!)???:17:

02-19-2007, 08:35 AM
That quad unit isn't a crossover. It's just a for channel amp. It won't do squat as a crossover.

If you want to run that sub in the "passive" mode, check out the ParadigmX-10.

You connect after the power amp and the sub. If you wish, you can connect your main speakers to it and it will "strip out" all the bass and send it to the sub, ttherby relieving your mains from reproducing the bass.

Or, should you wish to tun your mains full range, simply connect it to the power amp in parallel to them.