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Gerald Cooperberg
02-02-2007, 06:57 PM
I don't know how many of you are as voracious about reading the AV Club's film section as I am, but I thought I'd give a heads-up on this readers' poll anyway. If you haven't visited the AV Club before, I highly recommend it. The Onion itself is an often hilarious satirical newspaper, but their AV Club section plays it fairly straight-- at least, the humor is only deployed to leaven their thoughtful, academic reviews. I really enjoy the stable of writers that they have-- several are experts on particular genres but all seem to have a balanced understanding of film in general. In any case, they introduced a reader's poll last year to counterbalance their own end-of-the-year rankings, and the deadline for submissions to the second edition have come around. I like the fact that they wait a month after the usual year-end lists and polls-- it gives me some time to catch up on the films that won wide critical acclaim and feel like I'm casting an informed ballot (and soothes a frustration that I feel especially keenly living in the midwest-- namely, the fact that many critical favorites and Oscar contenders don't even play here until weeks or months after the calendar year is over). Here are the rules if you're inclined to participate (

1. Come up with a Top Five list in preferential order and submit it to

2. For simplicity’s sake, each submission will be allotted points on the following scale: 5 for #1, 4 for #2, etc.

3. Though it’s not required, you’re encouraged to include your thoughts on individual entries or the year in general. The most interesting comments will be included with proper attribution when the results are posted. We’d prefer actual names and locations, but if you’d like to use an alias, that would be okay, too.

The deadline to have your vote counted is midnight tonight (2/2/07).