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01-26-2007, 02:44 PM
Hello folks,

I just recently purchased a SHARP AQUOS LCD TV with dual HDMI-inputs. I figure it was high-time that I upgraded my TV as it is. I figure since I have a TV capable of displaying HD up to 1080p that I may as well upgrade my DVD player as well to an HDMI-upconverting DVD player as I do not find the HD-DVD and the BLU-RAY to be worth what you have to pay for...very far from it.

Anyways, the DVD player I got is the LG LDA-731 which upconverts to 1080i at most and plugged it in the TV via HDMI and started playing a movie. What happens is, there is no "closed-captioning", which is the white text displayed on a black background near the bottom of the TV (not to be confused with "subtitles"), being displayed at all. The problem is there are quite a few DVDs do not have English subtitles but they have English closed-captioning instead and while some other DVDs may have English subtitles, but some studios do a poor job of doing them meaning it doesn't display every word that is being said or musical lyrics, etc. *cough* Warner Bros. *ahem*

So I tried plugging in the new DVD player via A/V inputs (red, white, yellow) and the closed-captioning works just fine so that rules out the DVD player being the cause.

So despite all the touting and praise that HDMI gets, it does not have a capability that has been around for a very long time now, which is to display "closed-captioning"? What a gyp....:>(

Yes I am very certain my closed-captioning is on ~he he~ when I press the "CC" button, all that shows up on screen is "HDMI INPUT# and screen resolution",,,,,no "CC on/off".
Can anyone else confirm this for me, any input would be appreciated, thanks! :)


01-26-2007, 06:30 PM
Confirmed. And bah, humbug to your dismissal of hi def on disk. Your TV doesn't need the LG upconverting DVD player to reach its pixel count of 1080. It does so automatically, maybe even as well as, if not better than, the LG, and it deinterlaces in the process. The idea that a 1080p-capable TV gets more satisfaction from an inexpensive upconverting standard DVD player than from HD DVD or Blu-ray is loopy. Your TV thrives on hi def; upconversion via a standard DVD player accomplishes very little in comparison.