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01-25-2007, 08:28 PM
I've had a lot of fun with Adobe Audition (they bought the Cool Edit program a couple of years back and updated it as Audition.) First it is a great program for processing your old LP's to remove clicks, pops, hiss and other noises. The range of processing options is very impressive.

However, it also serves as a multi-channel mixer/recorder (up to 128 tracks, I think.) I've made a number of personalized "roadtrip" CDs for my car. For example, imagine a transition from a short Haydn piece into Ray Parker's "Ghostbuster" theme with John Cleese from Monty Python doing the voice over between the pieces with his "Now for something completely different" short. The mixing capabilities of Audition allow you paste those together in a fashion that'd make a recording studio proud.

Anyone else tinker with things like this?