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01-19-2007, 08:28 AM
I am a newbie here and appreciate all the information I have found searching through the various forums. I would like any feedback on these two systems or if I am missing another brand that is better for the same price. I am finishing my basement and my family room is basically 20 x 17. I am using in-ceiling speakers for the rear surround to keep everything clean. The LCR will be placed in built ins. I will be powering the system with the Pioneer 1016-TSXV. I will be using this system for HT poruposes 80% of the time. I have narrowed it down to the Infinity and Boston Acoustics systems. I have also put together a Polk, and JBL system that fall into this price range but I keep coming back to these two. Thank you....


Front - Primus P162 $200.00
Center-Primus PC250 $125.00
Rear - ERS 110IIS $169.00
Subwoofer - PS10 $254.00

Boston Acoustics

Front - CR75 $149.00
Center - CRC $99.00
Rear - DSI455 $149.00
Subwoofer-HSU-STF2 $319.00

PS. prices qouted are what I have found by shopping the internet.