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01-18-2007, 11:32 PM
SAFE (1995) Dir. Todd Haynes, Starring Julianne Moore
Not a film everyone will love, but certainly a strong film from Todd Haynes, who would work with Moore again on FAR FROM HEAVEN, a truly sweeping film.


PUBLIC ACCESS (1993) Dir. Bryan Singer
Fairly intense first feature from X-MEN Director Bryan Singer


SIGNS OF LIFE (1968) Dir. Werner Herzog
Dazzling first feature film from Werner Herzog.

http://www.dvdbeaver.com/FILM/DVDReviews14/a%20DVD%20Review%20Werner%20Herzog%20Signs%20of%20 Life%20Lebenszeichen/cover%20werner%20herzog%20signs%20of%20life%20dvd% 20review.jpg

SOLDIER OF ORANGE (1977) Dir. Paul Verhoeven, starrring Rutger Hauer
Superbly gripping film and great war film that is often overlooked.


THE RULING CLASS (1972) Dir. Peter Medak, starring Peter O'Toole
How can it get any better than Peter O' Toole going from thinking he is Jesus to Jack the Ripper in this Social Commentary/Black Comedy.


IN PRAISE OF LOVE (2001) Dir. Jean Luc Godard
Superbly great film from French Director Godard and his ongoing commentary on US filmmaking.


THE KILLERS (1964) Dir. Don Siegel, starring Lee Marvin and Ronald Reagan
Lee Marvin as a hit man, the inspiration for PULP FICTION, and Ronald Reagan keeping his pimp arm strong...how can you go wrong with this classic?


THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. MATTHEW (1964) Dir. Pier Pablo Passolini
Incredibly daring and incredibly engaging version of the life of Christ.


THE KRAYS (1990) Dir. Peter Medak
Awesome gangster picture about the 1960's London crime undergrround and two twins.


BILLY LIAR (1963) Dir. John Schlesinger, starring Julie Christie
Incredibly funny film about a young man who just can't seem to tell the truth, nor does he really care to.