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01-16-2007, 10:02 PM
That was then:

The heart of my setup is my Pioneer VSX-1016TXV receiver. It offers 7.1 channel surround via 7.1 inputs and 7.1 pre-outs. I don't use any of the internal amps. I applied some entry level DJ amps to provide the power.

Mains:4 Sony SSMB-350H bookshelf speakers driven by a single Gemini XG-3001 amp with 100 watts RMS @1khz for each. They are 8" and about half the height of the actual Sony floorstanders but I put them up front on the floor because I need to be able to fill my 6 foot by 8 foot screen with my Sanyo PLV-Z5 projector. Taller speakers get in the way of my projected image. That sucks. They are setup in pairs next to one another as if they were one speaker.

Center: 2 Sony SS-CN550H driven by a single Gemini XG-3001 @200 watts RMS at 1khz. They are setup also one next to the other.

Rears: 2 Sony SS-MB150H and 2 Sony SS-MF550H at 80 watts RMS each at 1khz. To fend off lousy listening angles I have a small 5 1/4" speaker on a shelf near the ceiling and 8 " 3 way floorstanders at ear level. Having both high and low surrounds helps in flying sequences in movies.

Center Rears: 2 Sony SS-MB150H and 2 Sony SS-MF550H at 80 watts RMS each at 1khz. Took the same approach as the side rears for the same reasons with the same speakers in similar positions on the ceiling and on the floor.

The Subs!!!! The real room rocking comes from my 4 subs hidden behing my 65" Hitachi 65F59A widescreen rear projection CRT TV. I have two Gemini GSW-15N bandpass subs next to one another with true 1300 watts RMS driven to them from 2 Behringer EP2500s cutting off the lows frequency output at 30hz since the subs only go down to 32hz. Filling out the lowest frequencies situated on top of the Geminis are two Sony SA-WX700 dual ten inch subs that have 250 watts amps.

Here is the plan:

Mains, center, and 15" subs all driven by the 4 Behringer EP2500 amps at 450 watts RMS. The rears will be driven by the other Gemini amps all in bridged mono mode with both the A and B buttons down to drive two speakers with each amp. That results in 320 watts RMS each for the side rears via the XG-3001 amps. The 4 center rears will get fed with 250 watts RMS each from the XG-2001 amps. The total output at theoretical rated settings is going to be around 6000 watts if the loads were all the same. Thankfully all the channels won't all have the same data sent to them resulting in deafness or spontaneous combustion. I'm optimistic that this will sound good. I'm willing to take that risk. Anyhow, I will post pics when I have finished the final touches on this unique take on home theater.

Until then, I will be right here waiting for you guys to post something interesting, ready to chime in when necessary. I really need to stop listening to soft rock late at night. My decision making is sometimes suspect at best but anyhow more power is on the way.