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01-14-2007, 09:57 PM
Hello peoples...

For those of you fortunate to NOT have seen Sophia Coppola's utter disaster film entitled MARIE ANTOINETTE...consider yourself very lucky. Before I begin tearing into this heap of garbage let me first begin by saying how much I 1. like Sophia Coppola, in fact LOST IN TRANSLATION and THE VIRGIN SUICIDES are both in my DVD library and I enjoyed both. 2. I love period pieces and true stories.

So where did MARIE ANTOINETTE go wrong? Well, the moment that it thought it was BARRY LYNDON (which is a total joke even trying to come close to the genius, scope, depth, and brilliance of a Stanley Kubrick film like BARRY LYDON), but that's only half the problem. The film actually succeeds fairly well in it's costumes, set designs, etc etc. Certainly not to the magnitude of BARRY LYNDON, which you would swear was actually filmmed during the 1700's. However, the two things that plague Coppola's ambitious problems is the storyline and the soundtrack...yep...those are the two killers of this film. Allow me to elaborate....

How could a true story be ruined? Well, here's how. You see this film captures every boring aspect of Antoinette's life and then just when we are starting to get to the 'meat' of the story...we get the end credits instead. This film has NO's missing altogether. How on earth a film gets greenlit these days without actually having a climax is beyond my wildest dreams. Other than perhaps being a Coppola.

The soundtrack to this film is beyond rediculous as it uses modern day pop-punk and tunes like I WANT CANDY as it's soundtrack, which doesn't irritate me when it's appropriate, but certainly not during a film set in this time period, which I thought most people learned that lesson after seeing A KNIGHT'S TALE??? Maybe not. So we all know that Sophia has this 'thing' for using great music for her films, like THE VIRGIN SUICIDES or LOST IN TRANSLATION, but using it here is just obsurd. It doesn't fit the images, it doesn't fit the pulse of the film, it doesn't fit the story, it doesn't fit anything and you would swear on your life that the person mixing the soundtrack to the film was doiong it without actullay seeing the film, but rather just splicing some Euro Club music together and dumping it into this film.

So what are we left with? Well, basically we are left with Kirsten Dunst playing Marie Antoinette for about 2 hours, during the most boring portions of her life and just when things start to get good we are getting scrolling credits, which come as a relief to the utter tormet that has ensued for the previous 2 hours listening to music that was written 200+ years after the films story takes place.

All I have to say is this...

If Marie Antoinette were alive today and she had to see this film...she would have begged to have her head hacked off again and save herself the agony of this dreadful bomb.