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02-12-2004, 05:30 AM
I am trying to find a receiver to fit into a new entertainment center in my living room. The dimensions of the receiver must correspond to the following to fit in the furniture:

- If < 5 1/2" high, it can be 17 3/8" wide
- If > 5 1/2" and < 6" high, it must be < 16 1/2" wide

I have found very few options to fit in this space. The best I have found thus far is the HK DPR 1001, but I have not been able to find many reviews on that product. It seems nice, but a little low on power for my living room (18' x 19' with 20' ceilings).

I would like to keep the price under $750, as I am not looking to create a concert hall, but rather drive small Axiom bookshelfs, vp-100 center, and an old KLH sub.

Can anyone give me advice on the HK and/or other recievers that might be small enough for my situation.

02-12-2004, 06:57 AM
This is HKs first forray into an all digital amp. Its a fairly new product and that is why you haven't found many reviews on it. Circuit city has some reivews of this product. As far as the watts is concerned, don't worry. 50wpc is plenty and you will normally play it below 1 watt as I believe those speakers are efficient. Also remember that since this is a digital amp through and through it doesn't need to amplify the signal as much. What you can do is go to circuity city and have a listen to it. Crank it up and see if it distorts or compresses the sound at high volumes. Abuse it and see what its able to handle. These can be found on ebay from harman audio refurbished for around $600.