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Dave the Perplexed
01-10-2007, 10:42 PM
Hi all-

I just bought a nice Pioneer VSX 1016TXV receiver. 7.1, THX certification and so on. I want to hook it up to a pair of Infinity speakers I have had for some time, they are the Overture 1 model, and these are powered 8 ohm speakers with a built in subwoofer. I had planned to just hook up the front channels. I haven't hooked anything up yet, wanted to seek some expert advice from you all first:

1. This is a 120 watt per channel continuous output receiver. My speakers are rated at 100 watts max. Can I use them? Will they blow if I crank it up?

2. If they are uaable, the unit says rather ominously on the back that the output is 8-16 ohms, "see changeover instructions for 6-8 ohms". Do I leave it alone, or do the changeover?

3. Lastly, a little research on this forum indicates I can easily blow the built in subwoofers out on these speakers (not sure why), do you agree and if so what do I do? Do i turn the bass down and add a subwoofer?

Any help most gratefully appreciated....thanks David

01-11-2007, 12:13 AM
Dont worry, i used to drool over a older Onkyo 575 running Overture1's .....will be fine :-)

Dusty Chalk
01-11-2007, 02:02 AM
Are the whole speakers powered, or just the built-in subwoofers?

1. It's fine -- just don't listen at unreasonable levels. In the world of hi-fi, 100 watts max is pretty darn close to 120 watts.

2. Leave it alone. If you're really concerned, check warmth of receiver when first using it -- make sure it has plenty of circulation. If it doesn't get warm-to-hot, then it's fine.

3. I have no idea -- care to point to the threads in question. I'll let someone else answer that one. I think unless there's something abnormal about your situation, I would go ahead and use them as normal. Basically, I don't agree, but not to sure of myself on that one.