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01-09-2007, 10:54 AM
I have my opinion on how these speakers sound, but wanted to compare to what you guys thought...
take into account, after the suggested burn in times...

Focal JM Lab Chorus S 706 (Neutral in my opinion)
Focal JM Lab Chorus S 716 (Neutral to a slight warm side in my opinion)
Focal JM Lab Chorus S 726 (Warm imo)
Von Schweikert VR-1 (Slightly Warm imo)
Paradigm Signature Series S4 & S8 (Bright imo)
Paradigm Studio 60 & 100 (Neutral imo)

I have auditioned many other speakers, but these are the only ones lately...
let me know how my ears and opinion compare to yours if you are familiar with the above speakers...

01-09-2007, 06:49 PM
You wont get a reply most likely since we dont know the electronics, room, cables, powerlines etc.... that you used with it ;)

01-09-2007, 07:24 PM
I guess I was just looking in general... regardless of other factors, but oh well

01-10-2007, 02:30 AM
I auditioned the Paradigm's you mentioned prior to buying my Quad 22L's.I found both series a little bright for my taste as the Paradigm tweeter is known for being a little on the hot side.I have listened to the Focal's as well and I would agree with you about them being a more warm or neutral speaker.I liked them quite a bit but decided at my price point that the Quads were the best speaker I had heard.I prefer the sound of silk dome tweeters(cloth,textile,etc) over the metal domes but that's just my taste.If I'm not mistaken Focal has long been a manufacturer of very high quality drivers that are used by many other speaker companies.Good luck with your choice.