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12-10-2006, 01:36 AM
So recently I picked up one of my favorite bands CD/DVD-A release...that being THE FLAMING LIPS latest adventure At War With the Mystics I held off on getting it knowing that they would probably release it as a DVD-A and CD combo, since they did that on YOSHIMI after I bought the regular CD and had to re-buy it again. They also went back and did this with THE SOFT BULLETIN, which was a disaster in DVD-A and I have sited this many times on this site, for those of you who are searching for prime example of multi-channel mixing gone wrong...look no further than THE SOFT BULLETIN DVD-A, which seriously sounds like a 2-year old sitting at the mixing board and messing with buttons. I still to this day think that this is a defective disc, but maybe not. Anyway....

YOSHIMI was a great DVD-A with lots of craziness in 5.1 that could wow the pants off of those who never heard much in 5.1. While my biggest gripe was that they only did MLP and Dolby Digital and left out DTS, which is the same case with AT WAR WITH THE MYSTICS. Once again this is a solid CD release and I compared the CD to the DVD-A and here are my conclusions...

If you once again need something to impress some friends with 5.1 than this is another great disc with lots of playful mixing. This time it's not a disaster, but done right. For a band of this nature...5.1 makes sense with lots of playful panning and such. The 2.0 high resolution on the DVD-A also is impressive and really takes the regular CD to a new height. The biggest difference is more definition in the higher ranges and the mid range seems snappier, especially the snare drums and other percussion parts.

Over the past few months with my PSB Platinum speakers I have really begun to fully enjoy really well done 2-channel sound and that seems to be my preffered method of listening to music these days. Even though the creativity behind the 5.1 is really solid...I still seem to enjoy the album in stereo. I rank this album alongside THE SOFT BULLETIN for the band and that's saying alot since that was a really terrrific album. It also really rocks in 2-channel!!!!

Anyone else check this out yet?