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12-06-2006, 09:23 PM
Hi my old reciever is a yamaha r-v1103, only a digital model, now i upgraded and bought a rx-v2300 just for the dts feature and this new reciever doesnt have the same bass output as my other reciever, what i mean is they both are set to bass to go to the sub out channel and mains are set to small, same set up for both but the new reciever it seems like the lower bass notes have faded out, is there something maybe less quality about the new recievers, i know my other one is like 6 years old but it sounded awesome.... i thought the sub pre out was just low passed at 90hz 12db and that was it. maybe now it is bandpassed ,40hz to 90hz or some wierd set up like that, i know it souds crazy but something is different..................

12-07-2006, 04:41 AM
Hey fudge:
I wouldn't worry too much here. If memory serves, the 2300 has an 18 db filter at 90 Hz. There's no bandpass scheme like you're wondering. If the sub is receiving some signals, it's getting the lowest ones too.
Makes ure the xo on the sub's plate amp is set at the highest possible number.
The 2300 is a serious uprgade over the 1103. I'm guessing it could be a setting somewhere in setup causing you some grief. Make sure dynamic range is set to max, that there's no "Night Mode" or anything like that on. Make sure bass boost or any eq settings are off. Bass boost might produce what you're describing actually, the really low stuff wouldn't be boosted.
Best thing to do is grab an SPL meter, and test tones, and see what happens.

Room acoustics tend to cause large cancellations in bass waves below 100 Hz. The lower you go, the more significant the impact. Have you moved your sub at all? That could account for changes in what you hear.

Could also be the new receiver is sending a more accurate signal,

12-07-2006, 08:23 AM
Thanks for the reply, u saying a more accurate signal is a very understandable possiblility, this new reciever is probably not as "sloppy" with the signals............maybe thats why the bass seemed a little more boomy....

12-07-2006, 08:55 AM
In my experience, boomy bass is more a result of the subwoofer or the room/position in which it's in. Really, sending the signal is so basic that I doubt you'd notice a difference from one model to the next unless there was a setting somewhere interfering.

Keep playing around with it, I'm sure you can rig it up to your likings. When Yamaha redesigned their receivers, they did away with the old "bright" sound they were famous for for years. Most people I know (including myself) who've gone from earlier generation to the newer ones have been rather pleased with the results.

You might try repositioning your subwoofer in the room, and brushing up on subwoofer setup and calibration - lots of good threads here in the archives. I still think at the very least, a SPL meter and calibration test tones would be useful to at least show you what's going on. Then you can decide how you want to tackle whatever abnormalities in bass you have. And take the time to read the manual if you haven't. Could be some obscure setting that's responsible for the differences you hear.

What sub are you using with what speakers? Same as with the last receiver? Where do you have the located?